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At Little Falcons Preschool we offer an innovative mix of Montessori teaching methods, play and traditional learning techniques that addresses overall holistic development of children. We believe that every child learns at his own pace, has different potential and a different attitude towards learning. 

We take utmost care to nurture our kids in a way that instils an enthusiasm for lifelong learning and makes them happy, curious, and confident individuals. We aim for not just the intellectual development of kid, but also strive to shape them into responsible, empathetic and well-rounded individuals who will become the future citizens of the country.


  • Teachers with 5+ Years of Experience

  • Affordable Fee Structure.

  • Communication Skills.

  • Experiential Practical Life Skills

  • Phonics for Reading.

  • Collaborations.

  • Critical Thinking.

  • Creative Story Telling.

  • Art and Craft.

  • Proper Handwriting Training.

  • Timely Assessments.

  • Lots of Fun Classes.

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